Achievement Block

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Basic Information
Name Achievement Block
Rarity 68
Extra Information
Category Achievement Block
Properties Wrenchable
World Locked Only
Texture Type  ???
Collision Type  ???
Hardness  ??? (0 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Grow Time 3d 15h 54m 32s
Seed Style 11/6/3/6
Seed Color
Overlay Color
Only usable in a world-locked world. Use your wrench to edit any achievement you've earned into it! Only the owner of the World Lock can edit it.

The Achievement Block shows an achievement you've humbly earned in your in-game Growtopia life. You can choose your achievement by tapping on the block with a Wrench and picking your achievement. Punching the block in another person's world will let you know the achievement and who earned it.


By Splicing
SeedSprites Art Wall Seed
SeedSprites Wood Block Seed

In-Game Description

Rarity: 68

This item can only be used in World-Locked worlds.

This item has special properties you can adjust with the Wrench

Additional Info

If you punch an Achievement Block when there was no achievement etched by the owner, you will say "It's blank. Will no hero step up to edit it?!"

Currently, when world trading with achievement blocks, even if the new owner never earned the achievement, the edited achievement will not disappear and end up being written with the new owner's name.

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