Achievements can be achieved by completing various tasks in Growtopia.

SPOILER ALERT: The materials below show how the various achievements are achieved.

List of Achievements

Bronze Division

Achievements Description
Builder Earned for placing 100 blocks of any type.
Farmer Earned for harvesting 100 trees.
Demolition Earned for smashing 100 blocks.
Packrat Earned for holding 1,000 gems.
Big Spender Earned for spending 10,000 gems.
Trashman Earned for disposing of 5,000 items.
Paint The Town Blue Earned for using 100 consumable items.
Embiggened Earned for upgrading backpack size to 26 slots.
Mine, All Mine Earned for using any kind of lock.
Crime Fighter Earned for defeating any criminal.
Ding! Earned for reaching Player Level 10.
Social Butterfly Earned for being in a world with 20 other people.
You Like Me Earned for having a top 1000 world for the day.
Milkin' It Earned for collecting 100 items from providers like Cows.
Bubble Bubble Earned for mixing 25 things in a Lab or Oven.
Surgeon Earned for successfully performing a surgery.
Legen... Earned for completing one step of a Legendary Quest.
Sparkly Dust Earned for collecting a Comet Dust.
Radiation Hunter Earned for finding a Radioactive Chemical from Geiger Counter.
Daily Challenge Earned for getting top 3 in a Daily Challenge.

Silver Division

Achievements Description
Pro Builder Earned for placing 1,000 blocks of any type.
Farmer In The Dell Earned for harvesting 1,000 trees.
Wrecking Crew Earned for smashing 1,000 blocks.
Hoarder Earned for holding 25,000 gems.
Ol' Moneybags Earned for spending 100,000 gems.
Splat! Earned for using 1,000 consumable items.
Space Commander Earned for upgrading backpack size to 86 slots.
Let The Right One In Earned for being added to someone else's lock.
Long Time Fan Earned for reaching player level 50.
Savior Of The City Earned for defeating 100 villains.
Social Monarch Earned for being in a world with 50 other people.
What a World Earned for having a top 100 world for the day.
Moo Juice Earned for collecting 500 items from providers like Cows.
Givin' A Hoot Earned for disposing of 50,000 items.
Mixologist Earned for mixing 250 things in a Lab or Oven.
Chief Of Surgery Earned for performing 20 successful surgeries.
Wait For It... Earned for completing 10 steps of a Legendary Quest.
Growing A Third Arm Earned for finding 200 Radioactive Chemicals.
We Are All Stardust Earned for making a Starseed.
Monthly Challenge Earned for getting top 3 in 30 Daily Challenges.

Gold Division

Achievements Description
Expert Builder Earned for placing 100,000 blocks of any type.
Farmasaurus Rex Earned for harvesting 100,000 trees.
Annihilator Earned for smashing 100,000 blocks.
Filthy Rich Earned for holding 500,000 gems.
One MEEELlion Earned for spending 1,000,000 gems.
This Land Is My Land Earned for using a World Lock or Signal Jammer.
Supporter Earned for supporting the makers of Growtopia.
Kevin Bacon Earned for being in a world with 99 other people.
Collector Extraordinaire Earned for collecting 10,000 items from providers like Cows.
OCD Earned for disposing of 500,000 items.
Surgeon General Earned for performing 100 successful surgeries.
Atomic Luck Earned for finding a Radioactive Chemical during the Night of the Comet.
Master Of Space And Time Earned for upgrading backpack size to 196 slots.
King Of The World Earned for getting World Of The Day.
Intergalactic Earned for splicing a Galactic Seed with another seed.
Superhero Earned for defeating Dr. Destructo.
DARY! Earned for completing a Legendary Quest.
Mad Vandal Earned for using 25,000 consumable items.
Best Of All Possible Worlds Earned by reaching #1 Honors today.
SCIENCE! Earned for mixing 5,000 things in a Lab or Oven.
Obsessive Growtopian Earned for reaching Player Level 99.
Hacked The Server Earned for defeating Almighty Seth and Devil Ham.
Failure-Challenged Earned for getting 1st in a Daily Challenge.
Fishmaster Earned for catching a 200lb fish.

Events Division

Achievements Event Description
Celebrate Good Times Anniversary Earned for showing up for Growtopia's Anniversary!
Life of the Party Anniversary Earned for firing a Skyrocket while wearing a full Party outfit.
First Birthday Anniversary Earned for having a Growtopia account for a year!
Growtopian Of The Year Anniversary Earned for completing all holiday achievements.
Second Birthday Anniversary Earned for being Level 50, and playing Growtopia for 2 whole years!
Heartbreaker Valentine's Earned for smashing a Heartstone or Golden Booty Chest.
Stupid Cupid Valentine's Earned for wearing a complete Cupid outfit, including Golden Halo.
Four Leaves St. Patrick's Earned for using a Lucky Clover.
Little Green Man St. Patrick's Earned for catching a Leprechaun.
Got Lucky Charms St. Patrick's Earned for defeating Paddy O'Malice.
Sixteen Dozen Easter Earned for collecting 192 Magic Eggs.
Bouncing Baby Bunny Easter Earned for hatching a Pet Bunny.
A Dead Rabbit Easter Earned for defeating Bunny Barko.
Egg Hunter Easter Earned for collecting 20 Easter Eggs with the Egg-Hunting Basket.
Bash Cinco Cinco De Mayo Earned for smashing 5 Ultra Pinatas.
La Vida De La Fiesta Cinco De Mayo Earned for playing a Mariachi Guitar while wearing a Fiesta Sombrero.
Gorro Cinco De Mayo Earned for slashing a G into somebody's shirt while dressed in a full Gorro outfit. (Foxy Hat, Swordsman's Mask, Cape of Shadows and Rapier)
Campeon Cinco De Mayo Earned for defeating El Peligro for the Championship of the world.
Too Many Pineapples Super Pineapple Party Earned for eating as many pineapples as you can stomach.
Fresh Air Super Pineapple Party Earned for defeating the villain Pine Fresh.
The Last Celebration SummerFest Earned for detonating Super Fireworks.
Summer Grillin' SummerFest Earned for cooking a Cheeseburger on a Barbecue Grill.
Bright Future Harvest Festival Earned for harvesting a Balance Mooncake.
Harvester of Worlds Harvest Festival Earned for using a Harvest Moon Blast.
Sacrifice Halloween Earned for feeding Growganoth 50 times.
Costume Contest Halloween Earned for dressing as a vampire.
Spirit of Giving WinterFest Earned for giving the Growch 100 Winter Gifts.
Deer Hunter WinterFest Earned for shooting a player in an Antler Hat.
Crack Shot Carnival Earned for doubling the required score in Shooting Gallery.
Disciple of Growganoth Carnival Earned for completing Growganoth Gulch without dying.
Concentrated Power of Will Carnival Earned for completing Concentration in half the allowed time.
Seven Years Good Luck Carnival Earned for completing the Mirror Maze in half the allowed time.
Ringu Carnival Earned for earning a ring from the Ringmaster.
Wasted Carnival Earned for wasting a Golden Ticket.
Death Racer Carnival Earned for winning Death Race 5000 against 3 opponents.
The Brutalest Bounce Carnival Earned for winning Brutal Bounce against 5 opponents.

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