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Angel Wings

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Core information
Name Angel Wings
Rarity 999
Editable Type Item usable on other people
Action Equipment
Extra information
Drop Chance 0

Clothing Type Back

Seed Style 5/10/5/2
Seed Color
Overlay Color

In-game Description:

"Better than a Halo, these will actually let you double jump!"

Angel Wings

Angel Wings

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.

Additional Information:

These wings are obtainable during the Valentine's Week. You can either get it by breaking Heartstones or buying the Valentine Pack.

The Angel Wings can be sacrificed to Growganoth for a Devil Wing Fragment.

Combining Angel Wings, 200 Candy Hearts, and a Golden Heart Crystal in a Chemical Combiner will make Golden Angel Wings.

WARNING: These Wings have a very unstable price which can trick you out! Dont buy these wings unless you are sure of the price, you can check the worlds: NASDAQ or HONORS (These are not worlds made by moderators but are quite good at keeping prices)

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