Artsy April
The Growtopia Gazette: April 2nd: The Ultimate Update - Oops, I guess we forgot these other items we also made for April. It's Artsy April!

Get ready to paint the town red, blue, or whatever color you like with the amazing new art-related items!

- @Seth and @Hamumu

Painter's Pack

Painters Pack
Available in Store

Painter's Pack ( 30000 Store gem )

Want to paint your world? This pack includes a Rare Paintbrush , and 20 Paint buckets of random paint colors (may include Varnish, to clean up your messes)! You can paint any block in your world different colors to personalize it.

This Pack includes:

  1. Paint Bucket - Red
  2. Paint Bucket - Yellow
  3. Paint Bucket - Green
  4. Paint Bucket - Blue
  5. Paint Bucket - Aqua
  6. Paint Bucket - Purple
  7. Paint Bucket - Charcoal
  8. Paint Bucket - Varnish

New Items

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