The BLARNEY maps are worlds which are only accessible during St. Patrick's Week, which players can earn Blarney Pebbles and a limited St. Patrick's Week item upon completion.

All the BLARNEY worlds are parkours, and if a player completes the world, they can "kiss" (walk past) the Blarney Stone to receive a Blarney Pebble, a maximum of once every day. Multiple versions of each world have been created to allow more players to join BLARNEY, and to reduce lag.

The world BLARNEY is not a BLARNEY world, but is a world which links players to all BLARNEY worlds, BLARNEY1-9. The world is owned by former moderator Greenswe.

Upon entering a BLARNEY world when it isn't St. Patrick's Week, the player will enter a world with two signs saying "Aye, 'tis a fine day for not doing parkour!" and "Sure 'n begorrah, the Blarney will return!"

Blarney Worlds

  • BLARNEY1 by @Hamumu
  • BLARNEY2 by @Hamumu
  • BLARNEY3 by @Hamumu
  • BLARNEY5 by AtomicShadow
  • BLARNEY6 by Play
  • BLARNEY7 by AtomicShadow
  • BLARNEY8 by Redbone
  • BLARNEY9 by @Ubidev

Due the maximum people allowed in a world, every time one of the maps are inputted, the server will automatically add _ followed by a random number once you enter it. This is similar to Growganoth, Growch, The Carnival and The Grand Tournament.

BLARNEY9 was released for 2018's St. Patrick's Week, featuring the use of CyBots in an official BLARNEY world for the first time. It was revealed through one of Growtopia's tutorials.