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The BLARNEY maps, which you can earn Blarney Pebble and Celtic Block in, or clothes like Green Bowtie, are created in St. Patrick's week on March 14th, 2014 and March 14th, 2015, etc.

These maps has a lot of Blarney Stone at the end of the parkour. If you kiss there, you will get the stones themselves. However, you can only kiss at each BLARNEY map per 24 hours(1 day). Because of that, @Seth and @Hamumu lowered the max people allowed in the world to reduce lag.

Blarney Worlds

  • BLARNEY1 by @Hamumu
  • BLARNEY2 by @Hamumu
  • BLARNEY3 by @Hamumu
  • BLARNEY5 by @AtomicShadow
  • BLARNEY6 by @Play
  • BLARNEY7 by @AtomicShadow
  • BLARNEY8 by @Redbone

Due the maximum people allowed in a world, every time one of the maps are inputted, the server will automatically add _ followed by a random number once you enter it.

Some say that @Hamumu's maps are easier than others, and @AtomicShadow's maps are harder than others because of Obelisks and Sungate.

Some mods come to those maps. You can see them if you are fortunate.

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