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The BLARNEY maps, which can earn Blarney Pebbles and Celtic Blocks, even some clothes like Green Bowtie, are created in St.Patrick's week on March 14th, 2014. These maps have Blarney Stones in ends of the parkour. If you kiss at here, you will get them. However, each BLARNEY maps can kiss per 24 hours(1 day). Because of them, @Seth and @Hamumu low the max people to reduce some lags. There are very various blarney maps.

Blarney1(@Hamumu) -Blarney01 --Blarney001

Blarney2(@Hamumu) -Blarney02 --Blarney002

Blarney3(@Hamumu) -Blarney03 --Blarney003

Blarney4(@STYX) -Blarney04 --Blarney004

Blarney5(@AtomicShadow) -Blarney05 --Blarney005

Blarney6(@Play) -Blarney06 --Blarney006

Blarney7(@AtomicShadow) -Blarney07 --Blarney007

Blarney8(@Redbone) -Blarney08 --Blarney008

People says that @Hamumu's maps are easier than others, and @AtomicShadow's maps are harder than others because of Obelisks and Sungates .

Wonderfully, some mods sometimes come to that maps. You can see them if you are fortunate.

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