Banned players are players that have been blocked from logging on a set account because they are banned for doing Scams, hacks or disobeying the rules. A Growtopian can be banned permanently or just for a while; this can be around 3 days, 14 days, 60 days, or 730 days. Only moderators and developers can ban players from the game. Others can't. Don't hack, scam, or disobey the rules! Hacking a block (changing a block's I.D.) or using a cheat engine can get you automatically banned by the auto-ban system.

If a moderator or developer bans when visible, the in-world message will show their name. However, if they are invisible, it will be replaced by "The Ancient Ones". Example:

  • The Ancient Ones have banned [Player Name]** (/rules to see the rules!) (note that the word "banned" is shown in dark red)

Moderators have the ability to "shadow-ban", which makes it so the ban doesn't broadcast to everyone in-game. However, everyone in world will still see the ban. The message will be:

  • The Ancients have used Ban on [Player Name]! ** (note that the word "Ban" is shown in purple)

Moderators (mods or developers) are responsible for dealing bans on players who break the rules, these punishments can range from one minute to a permanent ban. Moderators can also perform IP bans, meaning the IP you are using to play Growtopia will be banned, even if you try changing accounts!

Moderators can also fake system bans, to "scare" hackers.

Contrary to popular belief, the ban wand is not obtainable by any means; it was a test item made by the developers early in the game during the Cinco De Mayo event.