The Basic Splicing Kit gives you 10 Rock Seeds along with 10 of any seed with a rarity of 2 (like Grass). This pack is worth 200 gems.

Seeds obtainable

Note : Mission Block seeds are no longer obtainable as of 6 January 2017. (Growtopia's 4th Anniversary)


Basic Splicing Kit Store Button

Store Description

The basic seeds every farmer needs - 10 Rock Seeds and 10 more random seeds of Rarity 2.

Additional Info

Note that this still allows you to get seeds that are harder to get (like Martian Tree), so it makes a bit more sense to buy it. Also note that 10 Rock Seeds can be very useful in the long run, mainly because it's hard to get many of those seeds during world clearing or farming, along with the fact it has many splicing uses. This kit would be useful for mass producers as most of the seeds obtained are often used. (e.g Grass seeds and Glass Pane seeds)

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