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Blarney Stone

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Core information
Name Blarney Stone
Rarity 999
Editable Type Leaves a trail
Action Foreground layer tile
Extra information
Item Kind 134

In game description:

This item is unobtainable. In Game Description Unknown.


Blarney Stone as seen on BLARNEY3.

St. Patrick's Week

This item is unobtainable. They are located at the end of one of the eight BLARNEY worlds. During St. Patrick's Week you may kiss each of these stones once each day to receive a Blarney Pebble and a random St. Patrick's Week prize.

For the first Blarney of the day, you will also get a bonus prize. (or random)

You don't actually 'kiss' it, you just walk up to it. You can only kiss one stone in one world every day. That adds up to eight pebbles a day.

Upon completing all eight Blarney worlds in a single day, you will receive a Lucky Horseshoe.

Collect ten Blarney Pebbles, And you can get a Pet Leprechaun.


The Blarney Stone appears to be a stone with a sign saying 'KISS ME' attached on top of it. 

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