Blue Portal

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Basic information
Name Blue Portal
Rarity 84
Category Portal
Properties Wrenchable
No Shadow
Extra information
Texture Type  ???
Collision Type  ???
Hardness  ??? (0 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Recipe High Tech Block Seed + Blue Block Seed
Grow Time 6d 21h 20m 24s
Seed Style 1/2/1/2
Seed Color #27e1ff
Overlay Color #0b64ff

In game description: Step through it. There is cake on the other side.

Rarity: 84

This item has special properties you can adjust with the Wrench.

By its name, the Blue Portal is a type of portal. Portals act like doors, just that you don't need to punch them to enter. There are two other portals similar to this item; the Time-Space Rupture and the Orange Portal.

The Blue Portal can be made splicing a High Tech Block Seed with a Blue Block Seed.

Additional Info

This is one of the few seeds used in some form of splicing that is not included in the Rare Seed Pack.

The description of the Blue Portal could be a reference to Valve's Portal Series.

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