Boombox (Rarity: 39)

If you had a piece of cardboard, you could breakdance in front of it. Cardboard and bendable limbs.


This item can be placed in two directions, depending on the direction you're facing.
This item has special properties you can adjust with the Wrench.

Internal Data
Category Toggleable Foreground
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 10 hits
Grow Time 16h 48m 9s
Tree Style Style 7 Style 6
Seed Style Style 15 Style 14
Colour #6F6F6F #3C6590

The tree of this item can be made by mixing the following seeds:
SeedSprites.png Black Block Seed
SeedSprites.png Steel Block Seed

The Boombox is a musical tile which, when punched, the Boombox turns on and starts to gently vibrate up and down while it plays a modern techno beat.