== The card block tree bares a surprising fruit, similar to that of the tangram nature. There are 4 in total to collect.

◾Card Block - Heart

◾Card Block - Diamond

◾Card Block - Club

◾Card Block - Spade

They were released as part of the Vegas pack. ==

There are also 5 other types shown in CARNIVAL worlds, but they cannot be collected.

◾Card Block - Back

◾Card Block - Pentagon

◾Card Block - Star

◾Card Block - Sizzle

◾Card Block - Plus

There were originally 4 card block seeds (one for each block) but that meant 8 backpack spaces used up. So all of the seeds were removed except for Card Block - Spade, like Tangram Blocks. Therefore, the other seeds are very rare.

Card Block Seeds can now be spliced with certain color block seeds to grow superpower trees.

Few people own Card Block seeds.

To splice, a Tangram Block with a Das Red Balloon seed,


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