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Cash Register

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Core information
Name Cash Register
Rarity 52
Editable Type Toggle-on-hit item (direction or audio)
Action Changes temporarily when hit
Extra information
Drop Chance 4
Extra information
Recipe Military Radio Seed + Gargoyle Seed
Grow Time 1d 15h 29m 28s
Seed Style 13/10/5/2
Seed Color
Overlay Color

Cash Register Seed

An item from the Shop Pack .To grow, splice a Military Radio Seed with a Gargoyle Seed. When you punch it, gold coins will fly out.

In-game description:

Punch it to ring up a sale!


To grow, plant a Cash Register Seed. (Or Splice a Military Radio Seed with a Gargoyle Seed)

This Item can be placed in two directions, depending on your facing

Cash Register

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