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Growtopia features a chat system that can be used to communicate with other users. It is displayed at the top of the page and is resizeable. When a player tries to say inappropriate languages, all of the inappropriate words will be replaced with @#!? (or a combination of these symbols). You can remove this by un-checking the Filter inappropriate language in options.

Chat Commands

There are a variety of commands that can be used in the chat, by entering a slash (/) followed by the command name. There are also several commands that cause your character to perform emotes until they move. These commands can also be seen at START.

The list of commands you can use are :

Command Description
/? Lists available chat commands.
/msg Usage: /msg <player> <message>; Sends a private message to the player specified. Excluding the message simply tells you if they are online.
/r Replies to the last person who private messaged you.
/ignore Usage: /ignore <player>; Prevents you from seeing chat messages and receiving private messages from the player specified. You can un-ignore people using the Friends List.
/broadcast/bc Broadcasts a message to 1000 randomly selected players online. Costs 100 gems.
/sb Broadcasts a message to all players online. Price depends on number of players online.
/cb Allows you to broadcast to a specific number of people. However, you can only broadcast to a minimum of 1001 players. Price depends on number of people you Custom broadcasted to.(1 gem per 5 players)
/sdb Broadcast to all players online. Its a super broadcast that people can't ignore. When used, a window will pop up showing the message, a GO! button and a cancel button. It is currently disabled. It costs 50 growtokens.
/me Usage: /me <message>; Says a message with /me replaced by the player's username, and the message surrounded by angle-brackets.
/time Shows the time in Growtopia Time (UTC +9).
/status Lists your current world, the worlds you have previously visited, number of backpack slots, and status effects.
/stats Lists server uptime, number of players online by platform, active worlds, and server CPU load.
/who Lists players in your current world, as well as displays their names over their avatars.
/rules Shows the rules
/news Shows the news
/friends Opens the friends menu.
/top Opens the World Rankings menu.
/radio Toggles the radio, hiding public broadcasts when disabled.
/mods Lists the usernames of the Game Moderators currently online and visible.
/pull Usage: /pull<player>; For lock owners,you will pull that person.*For small,big,huge locks,it does not happen on the white door as you have no access on the white door and the player is not standing in an area you control* If you pull yourself,that chat will show 'ouch!'
/kick Usage: /kick <player>; For lock owners, instantly kills and respawns the indicated player.(Ignores Checkpoint)(After getting kicked if you respawn you land at checkpoints(not sure if glitch)) If you are owner of a world and you kick yourself, the chat will show 'You give yourself a solid boot to the backside. But what did that really accomplish?'

Usage: /ban <player>; For players with World Lock access, bans the indicated player from entering the world for one hour. If you are the owner of a world and you ban yourself, the chat will show 'You are banned from banning yourself!'

/uba Un-bans all players who were previously banned. Only works in World-Locked worlds you gained access to the lock.
/go Moves the player to the location of the last broadcast or Super-Broadcast, if possible.
/rgo Moves the player to the location of the last private message received, if possible.
/beta Takes you to another server. It was only opened for around 2-4 days to the public and everything built in this server will be removed every reset.
/kickall Resets everyone to the white door in 5 seconds. Can only be used every 10 minutes.
/renderworld Makes a screenshot of the whole world.


/smile or :) or shoot with heart bow The character smiles, showing their teeth.
/cry or :'( The character cries, It is like doing /sad or :( while tears come out.
/laugh or lol or :D The character grins widely showing their teeth.
/mad or shoot with any gun. The character scowls, with their eyes turning red.
/wave The character waves.
/dance The character dances.
/love /kiss or :* The character's eyes turn to hearts and start spewing heart effects.
/sleep The character's eyes close and emits Zs. If done by a bed, the character sleeps in the bed.
/yes The character gives a thumbs up and nods their head while grinning.
/no The character gives a thumbs down while shaking their head.
/wink or ;) The character winks.
/troll The character grins widely with a smug expression. Resembles the "trollface" internet meme.
/cheer The character cheers.
:p or smoking second hand near a person with cigar The character sticks its tongue out.
/sad or :( The character looks sad.
/fp or /facepalm:O Character slaps their face while shaking their head with a disappointed expression.


O for gasping:
/omg The character waves their arm around in the air wildly with their eyes wide and mouth open.

Text Coloring

Chat in Growtopia can be colored with use of the backtick (`) character followed by a character to indicate the color desired.

Video tutorial

Growtopia- How to write in colours01:22

Growtopia- How to write in colours


Code Description Preview
`0 White
`1 Sky Blue
`2 Green
`3 Pale Blue
`4 Red
`5 Purple
`6 Tan
`7 Light Gray
`8 Orange
`9 Yellow
`b Black
`w White
`^ Lime (Mod's words colour)
`$ Yellow
`# Pink (Mod's Name Colour)
`@ Peach (Flesh)
`! Light Blue (Cyan)
```0 Changes to previous color.

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