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Certain commands work with chat. They are often preceded with the slash (/). Here are the following:

Command Action
:) or /smile Character smiles. This also occurs while the person is dancing.
:D or 'lol' or /laugh Character grins very widely. This can also happen when fed with a consumable from a Chemical Combiner
:( or /sad The character frowns.
:'( or /cry The character frowns while tears come out the>
/love or /kiss or :* Hearts pop out the character's eyes. It also happens when someone is fed with a Candy Heart
;) or /wink Character winks. It closes one eye while smiling with the mouth.
:P Character sticks his tongue out. It also happens when using/near to a Cigar or Stinky Bucket.
/troll [Please describe]
/mad Character's eyes turn red and shows anger. It also happens when the player uses any gun (example: Six Shooter).
/fp or /facepalm Simply slaps his own face. This was added during Player Appreciation Week.

Note: /crystalseed is NOT a command. It is because the game thought it was /cry.

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