Available in Store

City Pack ( 8,000 Store gem )

Life in the big city is rough! This pack includes 10 Sidewalks, 3 Street Signs, 3 Streetlamps, 10 Gothic Building tiles, 10 Tenement Building tiles, 10 Fire Escapes, 10 Hedges, a Blue Mailbox, 3 Gargoyles and a Fire Hydrant. Special bonus: A Rare ATM Machine that dishes out gems once a day!

City Pack was first added in August 18th, 2013. In Febuary 29th, 2016 a balance patch was added which changed City Pack price from 5000 to 8000 gems. Also, when harvesting ATM Machines, Gems would now go to the player's gem count and not dropped on the ground anymore.

Feb 29th: BALANCE PATCH! Today we've made the following minor adjustments to the game:

- STORE: City Pack price raised to 8000

- ATM: ATM Machine payouts now go straight to your pack (restricts raw gem trading, helps with the server performance)

Common Usage

People would buy this pack because of the ATM Machine, the Fire Escapes and the Blue Mailbox. However, Hedges and Tenement Buildings by themselves are hard to obtain (unless bought through the Small Seed Pack).
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Dr. Destructo standing on a building created with elements that come with the City Pack