Curse Wand

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Basic Information
Name Curse Wand
Rarity 999
Extra Information
Category Consumable
Properties No Seed
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 120 (20 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Grow Time 1h
Seed Style 11 / 6 / 3 / 6
Seed Color
Overlay Color
You're on the HIGHWAY TO HELL!! (For 10 minutes)

The Curse Wand is a consumable item which you can use on another player, which banishes them to the world called HELL for 10 minutes. It can only be used once. All moderator-type wands are super-rare and only obtainable directly from the developers Seth and Hamumu. Moderators used to get few ones early game, aswell as Cosmo (Seth's son).

When a player gets cursed, their player's skin is grey and has no facial feature, other than the nose, in the world HELL. Sometimes, due to the seriousness of their wrong-doings, cursed players are also duct-taped, too.


In the V1.5 Update, their avatar is usual but they are just grey. But later the developers decided to revert back to their old grey faceless beings.


The In-Game Description of this item is a reference to AC/DC's song "Highway to Hell."


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