Cursed Wizard Hat

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Basic information
Name Cursed Wizard Hat
Rarity 65
Category Clothes
Properties No Seed
Extra information
Texture Type  ???
Clothing Type Hat
Collision Type  ???
Hardness  ??? (0 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Recipe Bookcase Seed + Dreamstone Block Seed
Grow Time 3d 4h 49m 35s
Seed Style 7/14/7/6
Seed Color #55159b
Overlay Color #1cdb26
Wizard Hats come in 5 classic styles, collect them all! Too bad this style is CURSED!!
Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.16.27 AM

A player wearing the Cursed Wizard Hat

The second rarest wizard hat in the game compared to the other 4 wizard hats. It equipped you hear spooky sound, bongos beating and a low growl. It's also the only one with a mod added that makes you run slow, attack weaker, and make you feel as if you weigh 1000 pounds(generally decreases of how long you jump. If you equip one piece of clothing with the Long Range Mod with it then you do no damage when punching, and if you equip a Tractor/Swim Fins or any item that makes you slower, you will find that you cannot move.

By Splicing
SeedSprites Bookcase Seed
SeedSprites Dreamstone Block Seed

The tree is like a Tangram Block tree, you have a 1/5 chance of getting the Cursed Hat and there is a small chance of recieving it with the Fantasy Pack in store.

There are 4 others of wizard hats.

  1. Merlin Hat
  2. Witch Hat
  3. Funk Wizard Hat
  4. Wizard Hat
Cursed wizard hat

In-Game Description

This item never drops any seeds.

A tree of this type can bear surprising fruit!

Rarity: 65

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