Dungeon Pack

Release Date 19.04.2013
Store Price 10,000 Gems
Exclusive Item Iron Mask
Content Iron Mask

Grimstone x20

Blackrock Wall x20

Iron Bars x20

Jail Door x3

Skeleton x3

Headsman's Axe x1

Worthless Rags x1

Torch x5

Event Pack? No

Dungeon Pack is an item pack which was released on 19 April.
Available in Store

Dungeon Pack ( 10,000 Store gem )

Lock up your enemies in a dark dungeon! Of course they can still leave whenever they want. But they won't want to, because it looks so cool! Pack includes 20 Grimstone Blocks, 20 Blackrock Walls, 20 Iron Bars, 3 Jail Doors, 3 Skeletons, a Headsman's Axe, Worthless Rags, 5 Torches, and a rare Iron Mask which muffles your speech!


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