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Different events are held in Growtopia, one running at least every month. Events are generally held to celebrate holidays, and run for a week, with the Apology Weekend being an exception for both. They also usually come with at least one limited item which becomes impossible to obtain from splicing or from the Growtopia Store after the event.

List of events

World Events (Special Events)

  • Beautiful Crystal - You have 30 seconds to find and grab the Crystal Block Seed.
  • Magical Seeds - You have 30 seconds to find and grab the 4 Mystery Block Seeds.
  • Pinata Bash Event - You have 30 seconds to find and smash the Ultra Pinata in order to grab its goodies. (Only during Cinco De Mayo Week)
  • Deathmatch Event - Killing people gives you some (1 to 3) of their gems for a short while.
  • Jackpot Event - Gems are spread throughout the world.
  • Desert Blast Spawning Event - You have 30 seconds to find and grab Desert Blast.
  • Dr. Destructo Event - You need to defeat Dr. Destructo by punching him, before he escapes.
  • Summer Surprise Event - You have 30 seconds to find and smash the Summer Surprise and grab its Goodies! (Only during SummerFest Week)
  • Rabid Leprechaun Attack Event - Sudden death for every Growtopian in the world containing the event. Leprechaun will run away and you will have to find it. The prizes will be Pot O' Gold!
  • Luck of the Growish: Green Beer and Lucky Clover spawn everywhere. Usually 5 each. No time limit for this event.
  • Egg Hunt - Go find them eggs! 20 Magic Eggs will spawn in the world. There's no time limit for this event. Only occurs during Easter Week.
  • Let it Snow! -You have to collect 30 snowballs before they melt! Only occurs during WinterFest.
  • Spirit of Giving - Gifts are spawned everywhere in a world, only occurs during WinterFest.
  • Wild Unicorn Hunt - You have 30 seconds to find an Awkward Friendly Unicorn before it escapes!
  • Valentine's Week Event - You can spawn a few gems every time you type /love, lasts a few minutes. Only occurs during Valentine's Week.
  • Songpyeon Event - 3 Songpyeon spawn in your world, you have 30 seconds to collect them. Only occurs during Harvest Festival.
  • Anniversary Party - 4 party items spawns in your world by using a Party-In-A-Box, you have 30 seconds to collect them.
  • Mooncake Madness - You have 30 seconds to find all the 40 Mooncakes scattered around! Only occurs during Harvest Festival, with a total of 4 types of Mooncakes.
  • Well, Well, Well - You have 30 seconds to find the 3 Well blocks around the world!
  • Lost Gold - You have 30 seconds to find the Gold Choker.
  • Howling At The Moon - You have 30 seconds to find 3 Wolf Whistles hidden in the world!
  • Wild Fire - A fire has spawned in your world!

Other Events (Held by moderators)

@Aimster held a racing event at KYDERBY each year. A rare item, the Mint Julep, was created and given out as a prize. In 2015, Aimster held a contest in the forum for 9 other worlds to be included in the race. The official world leading to these racetracks is called KYDERBYDAY. The 9 other raceworlds are called ICEHORSERACES, HEAVENS, SPOOKYDERBY, WIPETOPIA, WATERPRINCESS, MARSVILLAIN, HORSE, GIRAFFEDERBY, and DERBY.

@STYX held a Fire Festival event to get people ready for Halloween. A rare item, the Golden Apple, was created and given out as a prize for participants of the event. With Golden Apple you could win the world: 'TALL'. (Please note that @STYX used the change of address to change his world name to STYX so don't be confused by it.) Events mainly consist of a large number of player-built parkour worlds, based on the theme of Fire.

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