Evil Eye

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Basic information
Name Evil Eye
Rarity 55
Category Toggleable Deadly Block
Properties No Seed
Extra information
Texture Type  ???
Collision Type  ???
Hardness  ??? (0 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Grow Time 1d 22h 40m 25s
Seed Style 5/10/5/2
Seed Color #ff7ff6
Overlay Color #87s415

The Evil Eye is a special Halloween item. It is one of the prizes Growganoth can give for a sacrifice of rarity 55 or higher. It is a non-solid block. If the Evil Eye is open, it will instantly kill anyone who touches it. To open it, people who have access to the lock can punch it. You can also drop things in it, making it a possible donation block. If the Evil Eye is in its closed state, Growtopians can walk past it without harm.

Evil Eyes populate Growganoth's realm, they occassionally switch between their open and closed state without warning. It is also used in the "Growganoth Gulch" minigame in Carnival. It functions exactly the same in Carnival as in the Growganoth event.

In game description:

"Don't let it look at you! Luckily it is very near-sighted so you'd have to actually touch it for it to see. Which would kill you, by the way."

Rarity: 55

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.

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