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Fairy Wings

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Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings equipped on a player.

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Core information
Name Fairy Wings
Rarity 52
Editable Type Equipment (not placeable in world)
Action Equipment
Extra information

Clothing Type Back
Extra information
Recipe Flowery Wallpaper Seed + Disco Ball Seed
Grow Time 1d 15h 29m 28s
Seed Style 14/12/6/4
Seed Color
Overlay Color

Fairy Wings are a clothing item which goes on the back of the player avatar. When equipped it adds the Double Jump mod, which allows the player to jump a second time in mid-air. The item has a rarity of 52. It can be grown by splicing a Flowery Wallpaper Seed with a Disco Ball Seed.

These were the first pair of wings introduced to the game and are also said to be the most popular.


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