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Fairy Wings
Fairy Wings equipped on a player.

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Core information
Name Fairy Wings
Rarity 52
Editable Type Equipment (not placeable in world)
Action Equipment
Extra information
Drop Chance 0

Clothing Type Back
Extra information
Recipe Flowery Wallpaper Seed + Disco Ball Seed
Grow Time 1d 15h 29m 28s
Seed Style 14/12/6/4
Seed Color
Overlay Color

Fairy Wings is a clothing item which goes on the back of your character. These are the first pair of wings introduced to the game. When equipped it adds the Double Jump mod, which allows you to make a second jump from midair. The item has a rarity of 52. It can be grown by splicing a Flowery Wallpaper Seed with a Disco Ball Seed.Only a few people in the game have the fairy wing glitch seed. One of them is Taz owner of the world swag

The Double Jump effect is shared by the Angel Wings, Ripper Wings , Phoenix Wings, Parrot Wings, Golden Angel Wings, Bubble Wings, Devil Wings and Crimson Eagle Wings.

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