Farmables are items which have the possibility of dropping 8 or more blocks from trees.

There are many blocks that have been found to be farmable. These blocks include Sugar Cane, Sheet Music: Sharp Bass, Venus Guytrap, and many more. However, over the years, some blocks have been nerfed, which made the block less farmable than before.

To calculate the amount of blocks earnt from farming a specific block, a farming calculator has been created by the forum user, ID:BEASTLY.

Farmable Items

See main article: Farmability Guide


The list below displays the most commonly used farmables. They are categorized from the lowest to the highest rarity.

Item Rarity
ItemSprites.png Sugar Cane 24
ItemSprites.png Sheet Music: Sharp Bass 32
ItemSprites.png Venus Guytrap 41
ItemSprites.png Hanging Guytrap 41
ItemSprites.png Blackrock Wall 42
ItemSprites.png Fish Tank 42
ItemSprites.png Space Connector 43
ItemSprites.png Pepper Tree 47
ItemSprites.png Pinball Bumper


ItemSprites.png Treasure Chest 55
ItemSprites.png Director's Chair 64
ItemSprites.png High Tech Block 69
ItemSprites.png Roshambo Block 71
ItemSprites.png Chandelier 87
ItemSprites.png Sorcerer Stone 87