This is the fishing guide.

To fish, you need to get a fishing rod. There are currently 5 different types of fishing rods and these are: Licorice Rod, E-Z Rod, Goldenrod, Fishing Rod, and Cursed Fishing Rod

To fish, you need to first find a spot with water. Ensure that there is a punch jammer, or ensure that nobody can punch you since your bait will be lost if someone punches you or if you disconnect.

Secondly, equip any type Fishing Rod. You also must have a bait. You can get baits from Tackle Boxes. Baits include Wiggly Worms, Shiny Flashy Thing, Salmon Egg, Fish Fly, Shrimp Lure, Whizmo Gizmo, and the Otherworldly Bait.

Next, while having the Fishing Rod equipped, select the bait in your backpack, then click the water. The water must be at the feet in front of you.

DO NOT move or do anything, or else your bait will be lost.

Afterwards, wait for a splash. You will see it and hear it. After hearing the splash, use your fist and click on the water. Click fast or your bait will be lost and you will not receive anything.

Your catch can range from fishes, higher class baits, and even items, such as Seaweed or Fishnet Stockings.

The better your bait, the better and heavier your catch will be.

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