This page includes recipes on forged items in Growtopia. Please note that the recipes here are sorted from A-Z.

Items Obtaining
ItemSprites.png 80's Tape Deck Forging 100 Tempered Party Tunes.
ItemSprites.png Cobra Statuette Forging 100 Roasted Cobras.
ItemSprites.png Cosmic Bridle Forging 100 Star Iron Ingots.
ItemSprites.png Death Metal Block Forging 100 Demonic Skulls.
ItemSprites.png Icy Axe Blade Forging 100 Tempered Axe Fragments with an Icy Heart Of Winter inside the inventory.
ItemSprites.png Iron Buckle Forging 100 Deep Iron Ingots with a Buckle Design inside the inventory.
ItemSprites.png Pick Blade Forging 100 Deep Iron Ingots.
ItemSprites.png Shark-Tooth Necklace Forging 100 Shark Teeth.
ItemSprites.png Spare Body Forging 100 Spare Body Parts.
ItemSprites.png Spiked Collar Forging 100 Tempered Steel Spikes.
ItemSprites.png Steampunk Gearbox Forging 100 Steampunk Sprockets.
ItemSprites.png Sword Blade Forging 100 Tempered Steel Fragments.
ItemSprites.png Warrior's Shield Forging 100 Shield Fragments.
ItemSprites.png Weather Machine - Howling Sky Forging 100 Charbroiled Wolf Emblems.
ItemSprites.png Celestial Blade Forging 100 Celestial Dust.