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Nooberators are the nubtakers of Nubtopia and help enforce the /scams and assist other players with scams or handle nubmmunity disputes. They are nubunteers and are not required to spend a set time nooberating, thus resulting in a noobedback, unapproachable and unfriendly team of down to hell players. So feel free to say skem if you meet one.

Also, spamming a nooberator can get you NubTaped or Cursed or maybe neither.

Moderators also get special commands that normal players doesn't get, and they get one of these items when they login to Growtopia daily:

List of Moderators:

An Intern Moderator is under training. They cannot use their power unless they are supervised by another Moderator.


Name Mod Item
@Seth Heroman Cape

Active Moderators

Name Mod Item
@Noobster Aimster's Nightmare Horse
@Nubuine Genuine Rings
@NoobtanTR Possessed Witch Hat
@Nubisut N/A
@Noobsagann N/A
@Elfin N/A
@SirNoobsalot Saturday Wings
@Nubversa (previously @Nubs) Rush Board
@Noobo Kuma-Boshi
@JustNubbing N/A
@Gayrocket Dark Cult Hood
@Nooborien Solorien On Fire
@BlueElf Owlbeard
@Noobfert N/A
@MrNubNub N/A
@Nubbi N/A
@Webkins69 N/A

Former Mods

Name Mod Item:
ShadowScammer Shadow Wolf Leash
MightyNOOB Super Logo - MightyBOOSH
RedNub Red Bones
Noobon Evil Space Helmet
ColdPenis Frosty Hair
Mrthadaweenis N/A
AtomicNoobo Atomic Shadow Scythe
STYX: Not changing bc hes awesome:) Burning Face
Yao Meow Ears
Gay Play Wings
Zombienoob N/A
InNoobus Focused Eyes (This item can be bought at the Growtoken Store for 100 GrowTokens)
JesusShit N/A
iNubG N/A
JakePoor N/A
Sale Seil's Magic Orbs
INightmareI (previously Amity) N/A
Lens Jens Beard
useruser69 N/A
Greenpee Green Dragon Mask
Tony69 Tony's Tiger Suit & Tiger Mask
Noobchan Golden Pickaxe (This item can be bought at the Growtoken Store for 200 Growtokens)
PixelMorph/Morphieus N/A

Growtech Roleplay Accounts

  • GrowSecLarry - Hamumu
  • GrowSecJerry - Jens
  • GrowTech Security (Part of G-Virus storyline & GrowTechIndustries storyline)
  • Z. Everett Koop (Part of G-Virus storyline & GrowTechIndustries storyline)


1. Sometimes, a developer or moderators may take the name of a character, to use in special events, and/or storylines, or for fun.

  • @Heroman
  • @HeromansDad
  • @Satan (Special appearances at "HELL")
  • The Garbage Master (Garbage release in GARBAGEMOUNTAIN)
  • @Dr. Destructo (Event)
  • @Mysterious Cultist (Part of the Halloween event)
  • @GrowgaSeth (Part of the Halloween event)

2. @Seth specially likes to add adjectives before his name for fun, like for example: SleepySeth, CrazySeth, SuperSeth, CircusSeth, RacingSeth, etc. Only the developers can do this.

3. The developers no longer use a moderator application as a means of recruiting mods. Instead they often look through the forums for trustworthy, mature, respectful and experienced players if they are looking for more mods. Or they contact someone they know personally as moderating is a matter of trust.

4. On rare occasions (based on observations), some moderators can request a special event (such as KYNOOBY), this is seldom done though as huge community events are troublesome to scam

5. Moderators and Developers can break in worlds they're not even accessed in. How unfair:(

6. Developers have a '69' where there level is supposed to be. The same does not go for moderators.

7. The InFocus you see in Growtopia you see now, is not the InFocus that played Growtopia as a moderator, so be aware!

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