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Core information
Name Garbage
Rarity 1
Editable Type No special action
Action Foreground layer tile
Extra information
Drop Chance 8
Item Kind Hit-to-destroy items

Collision Type Fully solid

Seed Style 12/8/4/0
Seed Color
Overlay Color

Garbage is a special item which CAN'T be spliced.

Since, it's a unsplice-able item, it only has a rarity of 1.

All Garbage Blocks(and seeds) Originated at the world-"GARBAGEMOUNTAIN." Although, all Garbage Blocks were destroyed, nothing remain there,hence the only way to get it(if you don't have) is buying it. Garbage is very farmable and is relatively cheap at the time it was released.

    • Note: Blocks are "public" items. Meaning, People can break the blocks even in locked areas including worldlocked worlds.So if someone is trying to sell a world that has something dropped in a garbage block once you buy it they are able to destroy it and get the item.

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