Just a gem. What do you expect?


This item never drops any seeds.

Internal Data
Category Gems
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 3 hits
Grow Time 1h 0m 0s
Tree Style Style 0 Style 0
Seed Style Style 8 Style 0
Colour #0FF647 #6DAF79

Produced by

Gems are the sole currency in Growtopia. They can be obtained through in-app purchases, completing Tapjoy offers or through common aspects of gameplay, such as breaking blocks and harvesting trees.

Gems are spent on Broadcasts and on items that are available in the Growtopia Store, such as World Locks and item packs.

Gems group together when there is a certain amount of gems in the tile. As the value of the gem increases, the size of the gem also increases slightly (the table below, however, does not show the size difference).

Image Name Gem Equivalent
Yellow Gem 1 Gem
Blue Gem 5 Gems
Red Gem 10 Gems
Green Gem 50 Gems
Purple Gem 100 Gems

Supporter Rank

Earning 7000 gems or more through Tapjoy offers or in-app purchases grants the player the Supporter rank. If $25 worth of gems is purchased or by Tapjoy, the player will get Super Supporter status with 4 new skin colors and the /warp command since the Systems Update came out, on September 2nd, 2017.

Gem Drops

Each type of block or tree in Growtopia drops a different amount of gems. This amount is usually influenced by the rarity of the block or item, but some blocks drop an unusually large amount of gems as they have been configured to. A good example of this is the Mystery Block. When one is broken, the number of gems it yields can range from 10 to 50. Another example of this is the Pot O' Gold, an extremely rare block that is only available during St. Patrick's Week, which can yield up to 200 gems when broken.

Methods of Obtaining Gems

There are many ways of obtaining gems in the game.


Farming is the process of harvesting a set amount of trees of a specific item, breaking the blocks and planting the seeds. The process is then repeated.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases, or IAP, allows players to buy different amounts of gems with the use of money. This is the only legal purchase in the game which involves real money. Purchasing the Gem Fountain will give the player an extra Growtoken, and purchasing the It's Rainin' Gems also gives the buyer 2 Growtokens and a Megaphone. During some events such as the St. Patrick's Week or Anniversary Week events, some bonuses may be given when purchasing gems through IAP.

  • Bag 'O Gems (9,000 gems) via Paypal $0.99
  • Chest O' Gems (20,000 gems) via Paypal $1.99
  • Gem Fountain (60,000 gems & a Growtoken) via Paypal $4.99
  • It's Rainin' Gems (140,000 gems & 1 Megaphone & 2 Growtokens) via PayPal $9.99

Life Goals

Dialling the number "12345" using a Telephone will connect the player to Crazy Jim, who offers three daily Life Goals. The second Life Goal in the list is the Gem Goal. When completed, the Gem Goal will reward the player with a random amount of gems depending on the player's Awesomeness, with 0% awesomeness giving the least gems and 100% the most gems. Once completed, the Gem Goal will not be available again until 0:00 of the next day (UTC-05:00).


Patches and tweaks have been made to balance the game and to prevent scams.

  • Gems do not yield any XP upon picking them up.
  • Gems cannot be dropped in a Display Box (with the use of a Sack O' Joy).
  • Dropping gems with a Sack O' Joy does not decrease the amount of XP.
  • Gems cannot be traded.