Ghost Costume
Ghost Costume

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Basic Information
Name Ghost Costume
Rarity 97
Extra Information
Category Clothes
Properties No Seed
Texture Type No spread
Clothing Type Chest
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 0 (0 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Grow Time
Seed Style 1 / 2 / 1 / 2
Seed Color
Overlay Color
Nothing spookier than a bedsheet with two holes cut in it!

The Ghost Costume is a neck item that can be received by sacrificing an item that has a rarity of 97 or higher to Growganoth during Halloween Week.

In-Game Description

Rarity: 97

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.

Additional Info

  • The Ghost Costume moves while wearing it. As you walk, the costume rotates, with the head facing the direction you are walking to.
  • Respawning while wearing this costume will played the zombie infection sound, and a happy-looking ghost will fly instead of the regular player soul.
    Ghost costume

    Player wearing the Ghost Costume.

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