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Basic Information
Name Grass
Rarity 2
Extra Information
Category Foreground Block
Properties No Special Action
Texture Type Horizontal only
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 12 (2 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Grow Time 1m 8s
Seed Style 8 / 0 / 0 / 0
Seed Color
Overlay Color
I love the smell of freshly punched grass in the morning/night!

Grass is a splicable non-solid block. The overall high output from Grass Trees makes the item viable to farm. When placed side by side, it will make a continuous pattern.

In-Game Description

Rarity: 2


By Splicing
SeedSprites Rock Seed
SeedSprites Dirt Seed


  • Breaking or harvesting Grass has an extremely low chance of dropping a Butterfly Leash.
  • Grass has one of the highest chances of dropping its seed, making it a very low rarity farmable.
  • Grass is usually the first thing a starter will plant, besides Door.
  • You can slowly earn profit by farming these.
  • Its description changes from morning to night, or vice-versa, depending on the time you are currently playing Growtopia


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