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"Punch me!"
This is an NPC, or a non-player character.

The Growch

Be terrified by the horrible Growch! Visit GROWCH to cower in his shadow (Can also be found on Growch1, Growch2, Growch3, etc... similarly to Growganoth).

This Growch is only present during WinterFest.

The Growch has a teeny tiny black heart. He hates giving, kindness, and holidays. Maybe, if we all give him Winter Gifts... he'll learn what the holidays are all about. Plus, he might give us some stuff in return, so rock on.

This is global team effort to unlock new WinterFest Items. The goal is to level up the Growch's heart by giving him Winter Gifts. Once he is happy enough, his heart will grow, new items will be unlocked, and you will no longer be able to give him gifts for some amount of time.

If you give the Growch 100 Winter Gifts, you will earn an achievement.

If you try giving him Winter Gifts while he is leaping for joy, he will happily decline the offer and return the Winter Gift to you.

To give Growch gifts tap on him with the Winter Gift.


  • This could be a reference to the Grinch from Dr.Seuss's how the Grinch stole Christmas.
  • If a player tries to use a consumable in the GROWCH world, a message will pop out: "The Growch says NO."
  • There is a parkour which when completed, rewards the player with an Icy Heart Of Winter.


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