The Maw of Growganoth

Growganoth is a special Halloween feature only available during Halloween Week.

Growganoth's weather machine doesn't have a name, but it appears to be a giant dark whirlpool. The center being the maw.

This is an extra-dimensional being that wishes to spread spookiness around the world. Growtopians must navigate through a realm filled with platforms that turn on and off, Evil Eyes that will kill the Growtopian on contact if they are open, and even flying eyes that will push you away if they touch them. Their spirits will be sucked into the Maw of Growganoth if they are dead.

Once a living Growtopian reaches the Maw of Growganoth, he or she can use the Drop button to sacrifice items to Growganoth. Depending on the rarity of the sacrifice Growganoth can give a wide variety of prizes with an equal or lesser value of rarity. There are specific items that you can sacrifice to get a guaranteed item!

They can use Sigil of K'Tesh to transport to the Maw of Growganoth.

Remember, dropping some non-rarity items will make your item rejected by Maw and you will waste your time unless it is a guarenteed trade

When it is not Halloween Week, there will be a sign above the World Lock saying: GROWGANOTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!

Item Trade

Growganoth rewards a sacrifice with a gift! The gift will be of equal or lower rarity. You will still only get 1 item for your stack. There are certain items Growganoth desires. These special items have special reward.

Note that the 500 gem Gift of Growganoth will give you a Growganoth items worth Rarity 75 or lower.

Rarity Trade

Rarity Items
1+ ItemSprites Candy Corn
5+ ItemSprites Hanging Thread
10+ ItemSprites Creepstone Platform
ItemSprites Pumpkin Block
15+ ItemSprites Creepy Wallpaper
ItemSprites Jack O' Block
20+ ItemSprites Rickety Wallpaper
ItemSprites Sigil Of K'Tesh
25+ ItemSprites Lit Jack O' Block
30+ ItemSprites Cobweb
ItemSprites Rickety Window
35+ ItemSprites Slick Black Hair
40+ ItemSprites Hellgate
ItemSprites Rickety Door
ItemSprites Vamp Vest
45+ ItemSprites Frankenhair
50+ ItemSprites Creepy Hair
ItemSprites Haunted House
55+ ItemSprites Evil Eye
60+ ItemSprites Jack O' Lantern
65+ ItemSprites Boney Block
70+ ItemSprites Claw Glove
ItemSprites Edvoid's Mistake
ItemSprites Hockey Mask
ItemSprites Jack o' Lantern Mask
ItemSprites Muerto Mask
ItemSprites Mummy Mask
ItemSprites Skull Mask
ItemSprites Wolfman Mask
73+ ItemSprites Eldritch Flame
75+ ItemSprites Doppelganger Potion
80+ ItemSprites Buzzsaw
ItemSprites Vampire Fangs
85+ ItemSprites Haunted Mausoleum
90+ ItemSprites Cultist Hood
ItemSprites Cultist Robe
97+ ItemSprites Ghost Costume
101+ ItemSprites Cape Tatters

Special Trade

Guaranteed Item Required Item
ItemSprites Apocalypse Steed ItemSprites Growley Motorcycle
ItemSprites Black Aura ItemSprites Golden Aura
ItemSprites Bride Of Reanimator Remote ItemSprites Reanimator Remote
ItemSprites Chainsaw Hand Any Sword-related clothing item
ItemSprites Chaos Cursed Wand ItemSprites Fire Wand
ItemSprites Freeze Wand
ItemSprites Cursed Fishing Rod ItemSprites Goldenrod
ItemSprites Dark Magic Barrier ItemSprites Forcefield
ItemSprites Deadly Spider ItemSprites Eggs Benedict
ItemSprites Death's Scarf ItemSprites Medical Scarf
ItemSprites Death's Scythe ItemSprites Heavenly Scythe
ItemSprites Demonic Skull Any Skull-related Items
ItemSprites Devil Tail ItemSprites Dragon Tail
ItemSprites Devil Wing Fragment ItemSprites Angel Wings
ItemSprites Doompunk Corset ItemSprites Steampunk Corset
ItemSprites Doompunk Leggings ItemSprites Steampunk Leggings
ItemSprites Doompunk Skirt ItemSprites Steampunk Skirt
ItemSprites Doompunk Top Hat ItemSprites Steampunk Top Hat
ItemSprites Doompunk Trenchcoat ItemSprites Steampunk Trenchcoat
ItemSprites Doompunk Waistcoat ItemSprites Steampunk Waistcoat
ItemSprites Dragon Bone Any Dragon-Summoning clothing items
ItemSprites Ecto Pack ItemSprites Fuel Pack
ItemSprites Electro Magnifying Glass ItemSprites Retro Magnifying Glass
ItemSprites Familiar Leash ItemSprites Black Cat Leash
ItemSprites Haunted Chemical Any Chemicals
ItemSprites Haunted Door ItemSprites Password Door
ItemSprites Haunted Darkness ItemSprites Dark Cave Background
ItemSprites Haunted Window
ItemSprites Heatbow ItemSprites Heartbow
ItemSprites Lock of Black Fur ItemSprites World Lock
ItemSprites Lesser Otherworldly Bait ItemSprites Fishing Fly
ItemSprites Shrimp Lure
ItemSprites Malevolent Hair ItemSprites Spikey Anime Hair
ItemSprites Minor Otherworldly Bait ItemSprites Wiggly Worm
ItemSprites Shiny Flashy Thing
ItemSprites Salmon Eggs
ItemSprites Nightmare Devil Wings ItemSprites Golden Angel Wings
ItemSprites Riding Demon Dog ItemSprites Riding War Wolf
ItemSprites Sheet Music: Spooky Any Sheet Music
ItemSprites Teeny Wing Fragment ItemSprites Teeny Angel Wings
ItemSprites Skeletal Horsie ItemSprites Tiny Horsie
ItemSprites Tiny Appaloosa
ItemSprites Sonar Bracelet ItemSprites Butterfly Leash
ItemSprites Soul Orb ItemSprites Orbs Of Elixir
ItemSprites Weather Machine - Spooky Any Weather Machine except Sunny

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