GrowtokensNewsAF March 30th: Growtokens are here! You can earn them each day by completing the daily quest or by trading Wolf Tickets, Caduceus and Zombie Brains to Sales-Man, go spend your Growtokens in the shop, for fabulous items!

In 30th March, 2014, Growtokens were introduced to the game.

They are green coin-like tokens with the symbolic tree, which can also be found in the game logo, imprinted on them. They cannot be traded or dropped.

A Growtoken can also be bought from Locke The Traveling Salesman for 1 Diamond Lock, and from the Sales-Man for 100 Caduceus,10 Wolf Tickets, 300 Zombie Brains and 100 Mac n' Cheese Stars.

You can also get a Growtoken from Crazy Jim by completing the Daily Quest; by completing 3 of the Life Goals once you reach 50% Awesomeness and Level 50 or by completing all Daily Bonuses once you reach 55% Awesomeness and Level 55.

Spend Growtokens!


Spend your Growtokens! (You have <number of tokens>). You can earn Growtokens each days, by completing the daily quest or trading Wolf Tickets, Caduceus and Zombie Brains to Sales-Man. Tap the item you'd like more info on, or BACK to go back.

The Growtoken Store menu is located in the Growtopia Store. Various items are listed there for sale, which are priced in Growtokens rather than gems.

Available Items

Item Price Tradable?
ItemSprites Challenge Timer 5 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Experience Potion 10 Growtokens No.
ItemSprites Megaphone 10 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Mini-Mod 20 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Derpy Star Block 30 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Mighty Snow Rod (only available on WinterFest) 30 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites BLYoshi's Free Dirt 40 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Weather Machine - Nothingness 50 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Spike Juice 60 Growtokens No.
ItemSprites Doodad 75 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Crystal Cape 90 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Focused Eyes 100 Growtokens No.
ItemSprites Grip Tape 100 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Night Vision Goggles 110 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Muddy Pants 125 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Cuddly Piranha 150 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Puddy Leash 180 Growtokens Yes.
ItemSprites Golden Pickaxe 200 Growtokens No.
ItemSprites Puppy Leash 200 Growtokens No. (Through a Battle Pet Cage only.)
ItemSprites Digger's Spade 200 Growtokens No.

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