The Neutral Point of View (NPOV) policy recommends that all articles and edits should be written fairly, proportionately, and without editorial bias. This means that the opinion of anyone, whether it is from the public, a famous figure, or even the editor itself. This is to avoid manipulating the thoughts of the public, which any encyclopedia is not allowed to do.


All information should be written neutrally without any bias towards a particular point of view.

Editors naturally have their own points of view. However, they should provide complete information, and not promote one particular point of view over another. As such, the neutral point of view does not mean the exclusion of certain points of views, but including all verifiable points of view.

Facts and Opinions

Avoid stating facts as opinions. Confirmed and uncontested information should be written clearly and in certainty. Articles or edits should not be written in a way that makes it appear to be contested or questionable. Instead of saying that "Out of game buying or selling of accounts, items or worlds is said to be illegal," it should state that "Out of game buying or selling of accounts, items or worlds is not allowed and may result in a ban."

Avoid stating opinions as facts. Opinions made by a subject should not be interpreted as factual information. Instead, they should be described as widespread views or individual opinions. For example, an article should not state that "Dirt is useless", but it may state that "Dirt, as said by DuckFlash, is an item in the game that has no use."


State and include all points of views on the subject. Both or all sides of the story should be written down without any bias or favouritism towards a particular point.


A neutral point of view never sympathises or belittles its subject. The tone that all articles should be written on should be neutral and without bias.

How do I achieve neutrality?

Do not state anybody's opinion or take on the subject. Avoid writing words or phrases like "In my opinion", "I believe that", "I like, I dislike".

All editors should write facts, and not opinions, to properly convey the information. All neutral edits must be done in a third-person view.

What happens if I am unable to do that?

The Neutral Point of View is not a requirement. It is perfectly fine if you are unable to follow the NPOV guidelines. Besides, edits can be reverted or altered.

However, repeated cases of not following the NPOV guidelines will be seen as an act of vandalism, and users who commit that act will be punished.

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