The Growtopia Wiki has a set of rules in order to maintain everything in a proper manner. In order to prevent mischief, all users are strongly encouraged to read and understand the rules.


Articles, or pages, provide the information of a certain subject or topic related to the game. The articles in the Growtopia Wiki should be able to provide the reader with sufficient and relevant information that they seek. Thus, the articles in this wiki need to be appropriately equipped with the information that they need.


Sufficiency refers to how large the information of the subject or topic is. In order to properly provide the readers with information, there should be sufficient information so that the readers would be able to understand the said subject or topic.

If a page lacks sufficient information, it is classified as a stub. If you come across an article that you think is a stub, you have the responsibility to add the required information. If you do not have the knowledge of the information, you may add the template '''{{stub}}''' on the page.


Relevance refers to the importance of the stated information in the articles. An article should contain information that is relevant to the subject or topic. Information that are useless or are not related to the subject or topic should be removed.


Neatness refers to how clean the article is written. The written information should not be scattered around the page. It should be user-friendly and easy to read.


Language refers to how accurate the article is in terms of English. It should contain minimal amounts of grammar, punctuation and sentence-structuring errors. This is not punishable but it is highly recommended that you practice it.

Language also refers to the words used. It should not contain any inappropriate words. This, unlike the first point, is punishable. Any user who attempts to pollute the articles with vulgarities will be dealt with accordingly.


Vandalism, by definition, is the action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to property. In this case, the property refers to the articles in the wiki. Vandalism is taken strictly and it is not tolerated. Any user who vandalises the wiki, regardless of the motive, shall be punished.

User Pages


You are only allowed to edit user pages that are yours. Do not edit user pages that do not belong to you. This is seen as an act of vandalism and any user who does this will be punished. If the content in a user's user page bothers you in any way, please inform the user calmly and in a civil manner in his or her Message Wall.

Personal Pages

Do not create a personal page by writing a wiki article. Instead, you may either write a blog or create a personal page with the format: User:<username>/<page title>.

Attitude and Behaviour

Users who attack other users inappropriately and in an uncivilised manner shall be punished. You are advised to discuss the matter calmly and appropriately. Immature behaviours are not accepted and should not be displayed in the first place.


Player-shaming is the act of shaming a player by accusing them of being a scammer, a hacker, etc. They are extremely unsightly in comment chains and message walls and can be an eyesore. In addition, comments that player-shame barely capture the attention of the readers, ruling those types of comments as redundant. Please refrain from doing so. A user who player-shames excessively, even after countless warnings, will be punished.

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

See Wikia's Terms of Use

According to Wikia's Terms of Use, any users found to be under the age of 13 are not to reveal their ages, in respect to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

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