Last Change: 2017/11/27
Summary: Added a few rules to comments section.

The Growtopia Wiki has a set of rules in order to maintain everything in a proper manner. In order to prevent mischief, all users are strongly encouraged to read and understand the rules.

General Behavior

  • Advertising Hacking/Phishing Sites is strictly prohibited. Do not post any links to such websites.
  • Ban Evading by using another account is not allowed. You may get a harsher punishment.
  • Vandalism is strictly prohibited. This includes, but it is not limited to, emptying pages, spamming or inserting false information.
  • Flaming/Shaming is strictly prohibited. Be nice to other people, avoid accusing and calling out other people, and discuss things calmly and appropriately.
  • Spoiling/Uploading Data-mined Content is not allowed. Do not post anything about unreleased items.
  • Excessive Useless Editing/Achievement-Farming is not allowed. This includes purposely making minor and negligible edits on articles.
  • Advertising a fake item is a serious offense. Do not use this Wiki to mislead players in game about items which do not actually exist.


  • Please follow the Editing Guide.
  • Advertising is not allowed. Do not post link to any social media site, or any In-Game world.
  • Do not provide false information. This includes non-existent items and recipes. Make sure to confirm information before inserting it.
  • Do not add useless categories to any page.
  • Do not insert the current price of an item, expect store items in terms of Gems or Growtokens.


  • Data-mined images are strictly prohibited without permission from a Wikia Admin.
  • Inventory images of items should not be added into an article. This include seeds as well.
  • Do not upload other people's images without the original image owner's permission.


  • Advertising is not allowed. Do not post links to any social media sites, or any in-game worlds.
  • Do not use the comments section to buy or sell any in-game items.
  • Do not talk about the content of the page, send a message to any staff member regarding problems with any page.
  • Be polite, be nice to other people.

User Page

  • Do not edit other user's user page.
  • Advertising is allowed only in your own user page.

Internal Item Data

  • All sprite images and item data are made for INTERNAL USE within Growtopia Wiki only.
  • Disclosing any parts of internal data and image publicly anywhere else without permission is prohibited.
  • Using any part of the internal data and image without permission is also prohibited.
  • Undiscovered items are not allowed to be included in the internal data and image.


The following section displays the general punishment if any rules is broken.

Rules Base Punishment
Advertising Hacking/Phishing Sites Infinite BLOCK
Ban Evading Infinite BLOCK
Advertising Fake Items Infinite BLOCK
Vandalising 1-month BLOCK per page
Flaming / Shaming 2-week BLOCK
Spoiling / Uploading Data-mined Content 2-week BLOCK
Advertising Social Media Sites 3-day BLOCK
Advertising In-Game Worlds 3-day BLOCK
Excessive Useless Editing / Achievement-Farming 3-day BLOCK per page

Note: For every first offence, with the exception of the first two serious offences that are listed above, a warning is issued out.

Breaking any other rules that is not listed here doesn't mean that you won't get any punishment.

This table is subject to change at any time and punishment times may vary depending on what the user has done.

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