Hacking should not be done, for it is EXTREMELY illegal and can get you autobanned, hated, and reported.

Hacking can come in different shapes and sizes, depends on which client that the hacker is using. Moderators are their enemies and your best friend, because you can /msg @ (ModeratorName) who the hacker is and what the hacker is doing or you can wait for an auto ban.

Immunity Hacking

A common form of hacking is providing immunity for Lava, Lava Cube, Shockinator, Acid, etc, just like Spike Juice.


Makes the hacker fly and go through blocks, however they cannot take items if they can't access that area normally.


This hack will let the hacker move while dead.

Anti Slide

Makes the hacker immune to Ice, Ice Cube, Obsidian and Slime's sliding effect.

Fly Hacking

IMG 3700

Another form of hacking is flying at an exact point that will get you through double Pinball Bumpers.

High Jump Hacking

This form of hacking makes you jump high, self explanatory.

Ghost Hacking

Another form of hacking can be confused with Speed hacking. The hacker's body will stay there but their 'ghost' aka the growtopian on their screen will be their body. If there is a route, the hacker's body will go to the ghost extremely quickly.

Speed Hacking

The Speed Hack is self-explained. It increases the Hacker's speed and may allow them to Dash forward.

Account Hacking

A dangerous one, which can get your account banned. The hacker will use your account to get items and transfer it to their account. If you are online when the hacker is on your account, the system will fight back and say Oops! Your account is online! This will tell you to change your password while it tries and defends your account. This can happen by chance, 'gem' hacks (which is fake), or when you tell someone your password.