Hand Scythe

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Basic Information
Name Hand Scythe
Rarity 999
Extra Information
Category Clothes
Properties No Seed
Texture Type No spread
Clothing Type Hand
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 0 (0 hits to destroy)
Seed Information
Grow Time 1h
Seed Style 6 / 12 / 6 / 4
Seed Color
Overlay Color
"This creepy blade can chop down trees with great precision - you'll get twice as much fruit! The only downside is that it's highly likely to break when used.It has no effect (but won't break either!) on trees of rarity 100 or more."

The Hand Scythe is a Harvest Festival item. When equipped to the player's hand, it doubles the drops from harvesting trees. However, the scythes have a high chance of breaking when used. When used during the Harvest festival, it has chances of dropping: Floating Leaf, Dried Leaf Crown, Musical Gong, etc.


By Combining
ItemSprites Songpyeon x2
ItemSprites Longevity Mooncake x4
ItemSprites Harmony Mooncake x4
In any Chemical Combiner.
This recipe will give 1 item(s).

In game description

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.


  • The Harvest Pack during the Harvest Festival in 2013 included three Hand Scythes. When the holiday returned in 2014, the scythes were no longer included in the pack, and were also not included in 2015.
  • Hand Scythes can be used on trees of rarity 100 or more until 2014 Harvest Moon Festival.
  • As of HarvestFest 2015, using the Hand Scythe would have a 100% chance of dropping either Floating Leaf or Dried Leaf Crown or Musical Gong. The former is rarer to obtain and thus, obviously, the latter is easier to obtain.

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