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House Entrance

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Core information
Name House Entrance
Rarity 10
Editable Type Sign
Action Open on step doorway
Extra information
Drop Chance 4
Extra information
Recipe Door Seed + Dungeon Door Seed
Grow Time 21m 40s
Seed Style 0/0/0/0
Seed Color
Overlay Color

A gate that allows players to walk through it. It can be made by splicing a Dungeon Door and a Door seed. The House Entrance has the setting 'Usable by public' if under a locked area that you have access to.

This item is not farmable.

In-Game Desciption:

It's like a wall, except your friends can come in!


To grow, Plant a House Entrance Seed. (Or Splice a Dungeon Door Seed with a Door Seed)

This Item can be placed on both directions, depending on your facing

This Item has Special Properties that can be adjusted with the Wrench.

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