Lava (Rarity: 1)




Internal Data
Category Pain Block (Lava)
Texture Type Miniature
Collision Type Fully solid
Hardness 4 hits
Grow Time 31s
Tree Style Style 2 Style 4
Seed Style Style 2 Style 4
Colour #FF2811 #FFBB2A

One of the four basic blocks (along with Cave BackgroundDirt, and Rock), Lava is an unsplicable burning hazard block which naturally generates in every non-blasted worlds. All other blocks are essentially spliced from its seed, making it an important element in Growtopia. It can be found at the 4th to the last bottom in newly created world.

A Lava, when touched, knocks the player back and puts the player on fire until the player stops all motion. The player dies after making contact with the block five times in quick succession (recovering from damage takes roughly 5 seconds), but a player wearing the Asbestos Boots can take up to ten consecutive hits


  • Lava's original graphics were updated on 13 February 2013, making it appear more fluid and dripping as opposed to being a solid cube. The old texture for Lava was reimplemented into the game in June, 2014, as the Lava Cube
  • Recycling them gives 0 to 1 gem each.
  • Placing two Lavas next to each other will cause them to join, creating a continuous pattern.


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