What are Locks?


From left to right: Small Lock, Big Lock, Huge Lock and World Lock.

Locks are items which can restrict specific areas to specific people, determined by the owner of it. Locks come with a multitude of features allowing you to have control of locked areas. Locks can be used for private use or can be shared with others. There are several locks available to users through the Store. Each lock varies in price according to how much can be done with that specific lock. Trying to modify items on area locked displays a message that says: That area is owned by <owner of the lock>

The locks have multiple features that they all share. These are some of them: adding users to lock and setting to public. Adding users to lock allows a person you specify, by tapping/clicking them, to have access. Setting a lock to public allows anyone to build or destroy blocks within the locked limits.

Lock Decay

If a user is offline for 180 consecutive days, any locks placed (excluding World Locks) can be destroyed in 1 hit by anyone, but the lock will not be returned. (this is Lock Decay) 

If the owner of a World Locked world is inactive for over a year the world will be reset. 

World Locks decay after 365 days of inactivity.
Decay locklol

What happens when someone punches a 'lock decayed' lock

Types of Locks

ItemSprites.png Small Lock - locks up to 10 spaces. 50 Gems from the Gem Store.

ItemSprites.png Big Lock -  locks up to 48 spaces. 200 Gems from the Gem Store.

ItemSprites.png Huge Lock - locks up to 200 spaces. 500 Gems from the Gem Store.

ItemSprites.png World Lock -  locks a whole world and allows the use of Sheet Music. You can add users and set to public, as well as disabling Sheet Music or make the Sheet Music invisible. 2000 Gems from the Gem Store.

ItemSprites.png Diamond Lock - works the same way as the World Lock but is more stylish and it is made of diamond. Can be created by double tapping 100 World Locks in your inventory.

ItemSprites.png Emerald Lock - works the same way as the World Lock but has a green texture. Can be made by consuming 200 Emerald Shards in your inventory. A clover leaf appears randomly when breaking blocks in a world locked with that item.

ItemSprites.png Robotic Lock - works the same way as the World Lock but has a robotic look to it. Can be made by combining a Diamond Lock, 20 Robot Wants Dubstep and a Transmog Crystal in any Chemical Combiner.

ItemSprites.png Ruby Lock - works the same way as the World Lock but is colored pink and has a big heart on the face of the lock. Can be made by consuming 200 Ruby Shards in your inventory. There is a 1% chance each day a rock in the world transform into a Heartstone.

ItemSprites.png Royal Lock - works the same way as the World Lock but is coloured in a rainbow and has spikes reminiscent of a crown on the top. Could be bought in the Gem Store for 200,000 Gems during July 2017 as the Item Of The Month. The owner of the lock is able to stop anybody without access from typing in the chat, and if they try typing, they'll be prompted with the message "Peasants must not speak.".

ItemSprites.png Builder's Lock - works the same way as a Huge Lock but allows only punching or only building. Costs 50,000 Gems in the Store. It was added in Player Appreciation Week 2017.

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