Magic Egg (Rarity: 1)


This item never drops any seeds.

Internal Data
Category Magic Egg
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 8 hits
Grow Time 31s
Tree Style Style 1 Style 2
Seed Style Style 1 Style 2
Colour #BDF7FA #FEEAD5


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"Think of it as a seed, only magic. If you plant it, you can use more Magic Eggs on it to grow it bigger and bigger. Break it anytime for a surprise! You can also splice it..... but with what?"

The Magic Egg is a special type of seed used to splice and to get Easter Week Event Items. During Easter Week, Magic Eggs spawns in any world regardless of player count.

The Magic Egg was released on 3/03/2013 to celebrate Easter, and was distributed through the Easter Week event. The item frequently spawned randomly in worlds with at least one player in it during the event. The spawning was similar to those of winter gifts and fireworks.

Note: These eggs spawn in batches, so don't get mad if you're in a world in a long time and no eggs spawn. The estimated interval of spawning is around every 10 minutes.

The egg is a special type of seed similar to Comet Dust. As of Easter,  it can be planted directly or used as an ingredient for splicing. The eggs can be spliced with certain other seeds to make special limited edition Spring-themed items.

When first released, the Magic Egg's appearance was of a regular seed, with a striped light-tan and cyan design, and was sorted among the rest of the seeds. It was later on updated with its own unique graphic, and occurred before the seeds in the inventory.

"The more the merrier!" That applies to the Magic Eggs, the more people there are, the more eggs are spawning in the world. You wouldn't want 1 egg with 100 people in your world; would you?


When planted, the egg becomes a Bunny Egg which must consume more Magic Eggs in order to grow. The growth percentage may determine what will come from the egg.

Note: If you drop Magic Eggs on a Bunny Egg, the Bunny Egg will consume the Magic Eggs as if you placed the Magic Eggs on it. You need to have access or own the world to place Magic Eggs onto the Bunny Egg.

For instance, breaking a 0% egg will cause an Egg to launch at you, applying the "Egged!" mod.

Note: When splicing it, remember to use the other seed first, as when the Magic Egg turns to a Bunny Egg, it can't be spliced anymore.

Every 10 eggs increase the size by 1% (not counting the original egg) so it takes 1001 eggs to get it to 100%

Screenshot 46

Player standing on a bunny egg.


  • Description of this item was Think of it as a seed, only magic, and you can't plant it. You can splice it though! But with what? until 2014 Easter Event.

Attention: Don't get scammed by Vending tricks, it can cause you to buy 1 Magic Egg for an overpriced amount of world locks, so ALWAYS look carefully!

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