Magic Reindeer Bell

This guy has been sorely depressed ever since he got banned from gaming. Take him out on a flight to cheer him up!


This item never drops any seeds.
This item can only be created during WinterFest!

Internal Data
Category Clothes
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type Fully solid
Clothing Type Hand
Grow Time 1h 0m 0s
Tree Style Style 0 Style 0
Seed Style Style 8 Style 0
Colour #874C13 #F20005
By Combining

ItemSprites.png Transmog Crystal x1

ItemSprites.png Reindeer Bell x1

ItemSprites.png Glowing Nose x20

In any Chemical Combiner.

This recipe will give 1 item(s).

The Magic Reindeer Bell can only be created during WinterFest.

This item was added on December 26, 2014.

Additional Information

This item applies the "Flying Reindeer" mod, which gives you a Reindeer that flies around you. Whenever you punch, the reindeer will shoot lasers, similar to the Cyclopean Visor and the Death Ray .

When equipped: "Your reindeer's nose glows!"

When removed: "You abandoned your reindeer."

The pet spawned from this item resembles Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the in game description also alludes to this reference.


Magic Reindeer Bell1

Magical Reindeer Bell flying.