This is the page for Moderators, and it should not be confused with Mods.

Moderators are players who are chosen by the Growtopia staff to be the official rule-enforcers of Growtopia. They assist other players with problems and handle disputes among the community. They are volunteers of such jobs and are not required to spend a set time of moderating.

Moderators are granted special commands that normal players are restricted to use. As a reward for their hard work and dedication of moderating the community, they are rewarded various items. Such items include:

These items are added automatically to their backpack upon login. They receive about 1 per one, or 3 days.

The Developers

The Developers are the creators and programmers of the game. They are responsible for everything that is implemented in the game. Like moderators, they, too, enforce the rules in the game.

Name Moderator Item
@Seth Heroman Cape
@Ubidev N/A

@Ubidev is Ubisoft's test account but is considered a developer account.[1]

The Ubisoft Team

The current Ubisoft employees are shown as moderators in-game. However, they are not. They are part of the game development team.[2] Those accounts are just their personal accounts, with a little bit more power than the regular moderator.[3]

Name Department
@Ubidev Developer
@akamod Designers/Programmer
@ExeCutie Community Manager/Support Specialist
@BumbleFish Game Stability
@JamSandwich Update Contents

The Moderators

The moderators, as already stated, enforce the rules of the game.

Name Mod Item
@Solorien Solorien On Fire
@Jenuine Genuine Rings
@Anulot Saturday Wings
@Solsagann Solsascarf
@Elbin N/A
@Diversa (previously @Rush) Rushboard
@akiko Kuma-boshi
@BlueDwarf Owlbeard
@Zfert Water Spirit Necklace
@AtkinsSJ N/A
@Aimster Aimster's Nightmare
@LOKSTER Lokster Hair
@ShadowSURFER Shadow Wolf Leash
@Jens Jens Beard

Former Moderators

Former Moderators are people who were previously moderators but have been demoted either for their wrongdoings, being inactive, or voluntarily stepping down.

Name Mod Item
jairrocket Dark Cult Hood
Snugglebear N/A
MightyBOOSH Super Logo - MightyBOOSH
Redbone Red Bones
Zerkon Evil Space Helmet
ColdPlay Frosty Hair
Thadirth (Mrthadawee during his time as a mod) N/A
Zentsuji/Zenhaji (AtomicShadow during their time as a mod) Atomic Shadow Scythe
STYX Burning Face
meow Meow Ears
Play Play Wings
ZombieBoss N/A
InFocus Focused Eyes (This item can be bought at the Growtoken Store for 100 Growtokens)
JesusSheep N/A
JakeShore N/A
Seil Seil's Magic Orbs
INightmareI (previously Amity) N/A
MAHHTIN Demonic Horns
useruser3 N/A
Greenswe Green Dragon Mask
Tony26 Tony's Tiger Mask and Tony's Tiger Suit
diichaan Golden Pickaxe (This item can be bought at the Growtoken Store for 200 Growtokens)
PixelMorph/Morphieus N/A
JustNothing N/A
Chudy Possessed Witch Hat
MrMehMeh Meh, Bunny Suit and Meh, Bunny Mask
bungbi Wobbly Dress

Growtech Roleplay Accounts

  • GrowSecLarry - @Hamumu
  • GrowSecJerry - @Jens
  • GrowTech Security (Part of G-Virus storyline & GrowTechIndustries storyline)
  • Z. Everett Koop - @Aimster (Part of G-Virus storyline GrowTechchaos WOTD & GrowTechIndustries storyline)


  • Sometimes, a developer or moderator may take the name of a character to use in Special Events, storylines, or for fun.
  • The developers used to use a moderator application as a means of recruiting mods. Nowadays, they look through the Growtopia community for trustworthy, mature, respectful and experienced players if they are looking for more mods. They can also contact someone they know personally that they trust.
  • Some moderators can request a Special event (such as KYDERBY).
  • Moderators and Developers can break blocks in worlds they don't have access to.
  • Developers have a '?' where their level is supposed to be. The same does not go for moderators.
  • @Seth and @Hamumu are the only ones who have different flags. @Seth has an RTsoft flag while @Hamumu has a Yerfdog flag.
  • Former moderator @bungbi has a YouTube channel named Wobbly BungBi.
  • Former moderator Zerkon has a YouTube channel named Zerkon Games.
  • AV8R was temporarily banned due to getting his account hacked. He was later given back his account but was demoted.
  • JustNothing was permanently suspended for allowing his cousin to operate the account and lead to abuse of power.
  • Former moderator STYX has a Youtube Channel named @STYX also know as GTstyx.
  • Moderator @Jens has a twitch and Youtube channel called Jensbeard.
  • @ExeCutie is Growtopia's the first community manager in Growtopia.
  • Moderator @ShadowSURFER has a YouTube Channel named ShadowSurfer.
  • @Jenuine and @Anulot own a twitch account together called Jenulot.
  • On the 11th of December, 2017, a security exploit was used to gain unauthorized access to developers @Seth and @Hamumu's accounts. Valuable items were unfairly distributed throughout the game and world data was corrupted, leading the Growtopia Team's decision to Rollback to the 12/10/17.




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