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Mods or modifications, are special powers or abilities that are usually caused by wearable items and consumable items sometimes by events. Mods are only applied permanently or temporarily to the person using the item (or the person the item is used on, in the case of Consumables). Mods can be stacked or used together.

Mod Types

High Jump and Double Jump
Double Jump allows a player to jump once while in mid-air.

Items that allow the double jump mod include the wings:

High Jump allows the player to jump higher than usual.
Recently Name-Changed
Recently name changed

Applied after using Birth Certificate to change nickname. Restricts nickname change for 30 days.

Fists O' Fury

Fists o' Fury allows a player to punch another player stronger and further than usual. This mod does not affect the breakage of any block.

Items that allow fists o' fury include the sabers:

Armed and Dangerous
2017-03-05 20 49 45-Growtopia

Items that allows you to shoot bullets and are able to kill players wearing the Antler Hat.


Items that makes you move faster.

Put Put Put!

Items that makes you move slower, but you harvest trees upon passing through them.


Items that make you take 50% less damage from lava.

Eye Beam Mod
2017-03-05 20 44 27-Growtopia

Items that shoot lasers (Increases the punch range and decreases mining speed)

Death to Blocks

This looks like Eye Beam, but it doesn't increase the range of the player, instead works like Enhanced Digging.

2017-04-11 15 06 40-uhh.png (PNG attēls, 1366 × 768 pikseļi)

A mod that appears when any dragon is equipped except for Violet Protodrake And Legendary Dragon.

Enhanced Digging
Enchanced Digging

Items that allows you to destroy blocks 1/3 faster.

Cupid's power
2017-03-05 20 15 51-Growtopia

Enables you to pull players towards you.

Ninja Stealth
2017-03-05 19 29 18-Growtopia

Make you become translucent.

(Do note that the rest of the suit does not give the mod)


Your punches are replaced by rainbows.

Consumable Mods

Mods that are obtained from consumable items.

Malpractice and Recovering
Malpractice: fail a Surgery.

Recovering: when a player performs a surgery on an another player (failed or not) the onother player will get the recovering mod.


This mod is given to all alternate accounts.

Tank Driver
2017-04-11 15 07 50-Growtopia

You drive a small tank which shoots bullets similar to the Tommygun. It also Increases movement speed.

2017-04-11 15 11 40-Growtopia

This mod is usually obtained when a person is punched by a person infected with a zombie virus in a world without a Zombie Jammer. It lasts 90 seconds (1 Minute 30 Seconds). During apocalypse event it lasts 20 minutes.


You are too busy rocking to punch anybody!

Bow and Arrow

Instead of punching you shoot arrows, and allows you to still kill people with the Antler Hat

Fiery pet

Your pet fires "fireballs" instead of punching.

Slice & Dice

Replaces punches with "slashes".

Icy Pet

Your pet fires "Ice Beams" instead of punching.(Similar to Eye beam mod)

Cheerful Giver
2017-03-05 20 49 25-Growtopia

When you move or jump you drop some of your gems.


Similar to the claws but they can carve objects into a person if hit.

Wizardly Force

Allows the player to shoot "wind" at players and blocks it is like the dragonborn mod(increased knockback of players).It also breaks "soft type blocks" like Sugarcane quicker but is terrible at breaking any other block like Rock or Venus Guytrap.

Slightly Damp

A bubble forms around you which makes you swim quicker and also reduces damage taken from lava.

One Ring

Turns you invisible except for your eyes and any clothes you equip.

A Little Fishy

You can walk faster in water like a fish,and slow in land.


You throw dead fishes which increases the range but decreases mining speed.(Like the eye beam mod)

Devouring Souls

Similar to the Heartbow, this mod allows you to pull people to where you were and it shoots ghosts.

Player soul orb
Soccer Skills

These can let you kick a soccer ball around and might give you the speedy skill.

Flaming Arrows!
2017-03-05 20 14 52-Growtopia

Increases your block range without decreasing the mining speed. Shoots arrows that has flames on them

Player heatbow
Precision Tool
2017-03-05 20 42 42-Growtopia

Your block range and mining speed decreases dramatically, but makes player able to get Fossils from Fossil Rocks.


Obtained when a ghost touches you. Lasts 6 seconds. Makes player move slowly just like Cursed Wizard Hat does.


Shoots fire with Flame Thrower.


Makes players skin pale pastel.

Player bunnymask

Player wearing Bunny Mask

Geiger Counting, Charging Geiger Counter and Irradiated
2017-03-05 19 29 10-Growtopia

Obtained when equipped with fully charged Geiger Counter. Searches items with Geiger Counter.

2017-03-05 19 44 54-Growtopia

Obtained when equipped with Dead Geiger Counter. Charges the Geiger Counter.

2017-03-05 19 45 06-Growtopia

Obtained if an item with Geiger Counter is found. Makes you unable to use the Geiger Counter for half an hour.

2017-03-05 20 21 16-Image - Curse.png Growtopia Wiki Fandom powered by Wikia

Curses player to HELL.

2017-03-05 20 32 43-Growtopia

Your pet shoots lasers.

Flame Scythe
2017-03-05 20 47 47-Growtopia

Shoots flames like lightning.

Fire scythe
Fire Hose
2017-03-05 20 49 58-Growtopia

Shoots water from hose and player has ability to extinguish fire.

Fire hose-0
Hunting Ghosts
2017-03-05 20 52 26-Growtopia

Can pull ghosts toward player.

Neutron gun

Obtained when banned. The effect is what name suggests.


Makes players unable to join pet battle in world TOURNAMENT. It is obtained by leaving world TOURNAMENT in middle of battle

Ring of Force

Your punches will turn red. Any blocks broken or trees harvested will have an exploding effect. Enables further knockback and stronger breaking like a Pickaxe.

Duct Tape

Makes player`s sent messages unreadable. Used by mods to mute players as punishment.


Acts similar like the Duct Tape mod.

Balloon Immunity
Balloon immunity

Automatically applied upon entering any world during Balloon Warz. Makes player immune to balloons and disables ability to throw balloons for 5 seconds. Player has sparkling effect to him just like when using Lucky Clover.

Prismatic Aura

Prismatic Aura Mod for the Prismatic Aura. Allows you to Double Jump.


Shoots confetti.


Mod for the Zraei's Dragoscarf item

Flaming Hot

Mod when a Playful Sprite is equipped.


This will make the punched player wet for 30 seconds.

Energized Horn

Mod for Diamond Horn.

I'm On A Shark!

Mod for equipping the riding shark.