Mooncakes come in six types that can each be obtained from any tree during the Harvest Festival. The rarer the tree, the higher the chance of it spawning a Mooncake, but not a Songpyeon or an Ancestor Mooncake.

6 Mooncakes:


The item's rarity is the percentage of a tree's chance to drop a mooncake.

When a tree drops a mooncake, there is a 1% chance of that mooncake being a Balance Mooncake

Item Name Item Rarity Chance to drop a mooncake Chance to drop a Balance mooncake
Dirt 1 1% 0.01%
Sugarcane / Table Lamp 24 24% 0.24%
Crystal Block 100 100% 1%

Mooncakes are only obtainable during the Harvest Festival holiday. Once that event ends, there will be no way to obtain them other than buying them from someone.

Mooncakes can be combined in a Chemical Combiner to make various festival items.

Ancestor Mooncake

Ancestor mooncakes were introduced during Harvest Festival 2016. An ancestor mooncake is rewarded upon catching a ghost in a jar.

Sample In-Game Description

Note that text in bold vary depending on the Mooncake.

This pastry is filled with a sweet bean paste. "Harmony" is imprinted on the top in ancient Growtopian script. Mix this with other Mooncakes in a Laboratory or E-Z Cook Oven to create special Harvest Festival items.

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.

Additional Info

Upon consuming the mooncake, it will make the player say 'YUM!'.

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