Pet Battles
Pet Battles are here! Haven't you always wanted to see if your Pinamudwallow can beat your friend's Dimarudasaurus? Haven't you always wondered what those words even mean? Now you can find out in the biggest update Growtopia has ever seen! We've added nearly 40 new item and 70 pet abilities to the game along with a whole pile of new features.

On June 11, 2016, the Pet Battles update appeared!

It included lots of new items, and the ability to have your pets fight! To start a pet battle, wrench the player you wish to fight, or do /pb <Player name>. To make a battle pet, you will need 40 World Locks, 6 pets that have an element (Earth, air, water, fire, hit INFO to see), a Battle Pet Cage, a Battle Leash, and then wrench the cage, and get started! Note: You need 2 Battle Pets in the same Battle Leash to battle a player. You can also use a Pet Trainer Whistle to call a Pet Trainer, battle it and try to get medals for some of the items listed below! Happy Battling!

Items that were added with the update include:

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