Pinata Whistle


This item never drops any seeds.

Internal Data
Category Consumable
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 3 hits
Grow Time 1h 0m 0s
Tree Style Style 1 Style 2
Seed Style Style 9 Style 2
Colour #F3A86B #EFE03B


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"Call your friends, then blow the whistle for a Piñata Bash!"
The Pinata Whistle is a consumable only obtainable through the Store for 5,000 gems. It can only be purchased during Cinco De Mayo Week. When used, an Ultra Pinata Event will occur spawning an Ultra Pinata. The pinata takes a lot of punches to break so it is suggested to have fellow Growtopians nearby when spawned. This item is hard to break, so many people create a "dirt-world" which is a world almost entirely covered with dirt. However, since the 2017 update, these worlds are no longer neccesary. The pinata spawns anywhere, including areas where blocks are placed. Recycling this item gives 0-50 gems.
Available in Store

Pinata Whistle ( 5000 Store gem )

"Having trouble finding a Piñata to smash? Want to keep the party going after Cinco De Mayo is over? Grab a Piñata Whistle and you can start a Piñata Bash anytime you want! Whistles only work once, and make sure you have some friends nearby, because you can't party alone."



Pinata Whistle


Store Button with outdated price

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