In order to obtain the Pineapple Body, eat 600 Pineapples to get the Pineapple Form mod which turns your body into a pineapple. Your back, shirt, pants, and feet will become a pineapple when you have this mod, but the effects will stay. This makes you look weird when using a Growboard or Starboard, as you float in mid-air.

Once you have a pineapple body, you will not be able to feed yourself anymore Pineapples but other people can.

When someone feeds you a pineapple when you have this mod, you will uncontrollably and randomly blurt things like:

  • "Urgh! No More!"
  • "I'm going to expldode!" "Seriously, I'm going to eeeeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxxxpllllllooooooooodddddddde!"
  • "Urp!"
  • Oog.

If you use one on yourself while you are still in pineapple form, you will say in green: "I can't stomach another one..."

The feeders, though, will get the mod Pineapple Magic which makes a Pineapple orbit them for 20 minutes. When this mod is removed, they will get a free item from Pineapple Magic. You will gain the temporary buff called "Ultimate Pineapple Magic" which grants you the highest luck until you explode.

Once you are fed 20 pineapples, you explode with an explosion of pineapples, earning the achievement "Too Many Pineapples". This explosion removes your Pineapple Logo, your Pineapple Skin, and Pineapple Form.

After the explosion, you can repeat the process again and gain the pineapple body by eating more Pineapples.

The Pineapple Form's effects also makes you do tiny jumps when you walk.


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