Poseidon's Trident (Rarity: 1)


This item never drops any seeds.
This item cannot be dropped or traded.

Internal Data
Category Foreground Block
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 4 hits
Grow Time 31s
Tree Style Style 0 Style 0
Seed Style Style 0 Style 0
Colour #690000 #690000


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This trident has been blessed by Poseidon, God of the seas. The glowy blue signifies all of the servants who served under Poseidon in his battles. What Poseidon left along with this trident is unknown - that's for you to figure out. Sponsored by mythicdawn and angel42.
Poseidon's Trident is a hand item which was added on SummerFest 2015.

In-Game Description

This item can't be spliced.

This item never drops any seeds.


By Blowing


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