Prehistoric Pack

Release Date 13.12.2013
Store Price 5,000 Gems
Exclusive Item Sabertooth Growtopian
Content .
         Sabertooth Growtopian
         Caveman Club
         Cavewoman Hair
         Caveman Hair
         Sabertooth-Skin Toga
         Fuzzy Bikini Top
         Fuzzy Bikini Bottom
         Cliffside x 10
         Rock Platform x 5
         Cave Entrance
         Prehistoric Palm x 3
Event Pack? No

Travel way back in time with this pack, including full Caveman and Cavewoman outfits, 10 Cliffside, 5 Rock Platform, a Cave Entrance, 3 Prehistoric Palm, and a Rare Sabertooth Growtopian (that's a mask of sorts). Unleash your inner monster!

Although the pack picture has a caveman carrying a Caveman Club, it isn't included in the pack.

Costs 5,000 Gems. This pack was released on the 13th of December 2013 as part of the Prehistoric Update.

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