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This page features a more updated list of splicing recipes and almost every seed combination in Growtopia.

Each is group into divisions called tiers wherein the higher tier can spliced through a combination of any two items in the lower tier.

Player Tools

Tier 1 Items

Tier 2 Items

Tier 3 Items

Tier 4 Items

Tier 5 Items

Tier 6 Items

Tier 7 Items

Tier 8 Items

Tier 9 Items

Tier 10 Items

Winterfest Items

Tier 11 Items

Colored Wallpapers

Wizard Hats

Wizard Hat trees can bear any of the five hats listed below:

Winterfest Items

Tier 12 Items

Surgical Tools

Surgical Tools will bear any of the following:

Winterfest Items

Tier 13 Items

Winterfest Items

Tier 14 Items

Tier 15 Items

Tier 16 Items

Tier 17 Items

Other Craftables


The recipe Crystal Block + Neon Lights can output any of the following:

Uncraftable Items

Most uncraftables can only be bought from packs or from others who have bought the pack.

Oven Recipes =

... Please help me on this one, guys :)))...



Those who do not need transmog crystals or mysterious chemicals

Those who need mysterious chemicals.

Those who need transmog crystals

Other Recipes

Shop Items

Locks And Stuff

Item Packs

Discontinued Packs

Awesome Items

Weather Machines

Purchasable Through Growtokens

Limited/Event Items

2013 Valentine's Week Items

2013 St. Patrick's Week Items

2013 Easter Week Items

Pastel Blocks


2013 Cinco De Mayo Week Items

2013 SummerFest Items

2013 Harvest Festival Items

2013 Halloween Items

2013 WinterFest Items

2014 One Year Annivesary's Week Items

2014 Valentine's Week Items

2014 St. Patrick's Week Items

Exclusive Items

Player Exclusive

Moderator Exclusive

Developer Exclusive


Unknown or Unreleased

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