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Recreation, in the game, refers to activities such as mini-games and parkours. Although there are some worlds that grant prizes to the players, there are worlds that are rigged and give false promises.

Recreational Activities


Obstacle courses, commonly known as parkour, tests the player's skills on overcoming obstacles. Players have to pass levels and stages and complete the whole parkour world in order to win. The obstacles vary from deadly blocks, such as Death Spikes, obscuring the player's path to mazes.



Minigames are a smaller version of parkour and obstacle courses. Minigame worlds consist of numerous small games that the players have to complete in order to win and receive a prize.


Spleef is a competitive game commonly enjoyed by many. The objective of the game is to break the floor blocks in order to make the other competitors fall. Nowadays, many spleefs use dragon gates to conduct the spleef. Below the floor blocks are blocks that grant immediate or gradual death to the fallen players, such as Death Spikes and Lava.

Fashion Show

A Fashion Show is a minigame that includes wearing any type of clothing according to the theme that the host chose. The objective is to match the theme with any clothing you have in your inventory.

Build Battle

Build Battle is a minigame in which players need to construct buildings according to the theme provided.There will be 2 or more players to build and 2 or more players to vote and decide on which building is the best. The player with the most number of votes will win a prize.

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